Video - Your Company's Strategic Asset

From concept to ROI delivery measurement - video as a strategic asset.

Picture this:

  • Your new product or service needs exposure. Your existing product has satisfied customers but this good news is not spreading fast enough.
  • You want to see what video can do for you. Your competitors increasingly are using video.
  • However, you are a technology company or a group of engineers delivering a technical service. You are firefighting daily life without having 'creatives' to manage too.
  • Any video material you make should work hard for you. This means being able to use it in multiple ways. For marketing. For training. For internal company promotion. For investor information.
  • Mark Percival has made a series of white papers and accompanying videos to guide you through Video as a Strategy Asset.

Case Example: 5 steps to getting started

  1. Mark Percival, ITS Specialist and Videographer, reviews any material you have and talks through what you might want.
  2. You receive an outline strategy from concept to media management - how to measure ROI or 'are you influencing'.
  3. You decide how much you want to do yourself or with your own video team. Match to your budget. Three 30 second videos can pack a sizable punch and not cost you the earth. Mark promotes broadcast quality to maximise your video asset value.
  4. ITSB24 can provide pre-production schedules, filming schedules and post-production specifications. Deployment ROI measures and a measurement strategy drives the post-deployment stage - getting the impact you want.
  5. Monitoring and adjusting, adding to your video asset, strategically and dynamically adding content to address customer and market interests amplifies your initial video investment with refreshed content to keep your market's interest growing

ITSB24 Ltd is in collaboration with The Film Yard, a small film company making compelling corporate video. Our collaboration delivers quick reliable results supporting effective ITS technology marketing. View the show reel through the link below: